Wormwood 32




Wormwood 32 edited by Mark Valentine

Magazine – Tartarus Press – Spring 2019 – 90 pages

‘The Mystery of Mark Hansom’ by Peter Bell

‘The Deceptions of Julian Osgood Field’ by Chris Mikul

‘Epitaph for a Grand Delusionist: Edogawa Ranpo’s Strange Tale of Panorama Island’ by Oliver Kerkdijk

‘The Long Count-Down:The Novels of ‘Charles Eric Maine’ by John Howard

‘Victor Neuberg: [sic] Pan-Poet, Shy Satyr, Decadent Diviner’ by Adam Daly

‘Rolfe’s Revolver’ by R.B. Russell

‘Under Review’ by Reggie Oliver

‘Late Reviews’ by Douglas A. Anderson

‘Camera Obscura’ by John Howard


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