Wormwood 33




Wormwood 33 edited by Mark Valentine

Magazine – Tartarus Press – Autumn 2019 – 91 pages

‘Broken Time and the Dreamings on Hanging Rock’ by Colin Insole

‘In Silence and Semblance: Georges Rodenbach’s Bruges-la-Morte‘ by Mat Joiner

‘Strange Enough to be Remembered Forever: John Crowley’s Little, Big‘ by Henry Wessells

‘Lost Earths and Stolen Suns: Emil Petaja’s Novels of the “Land of Heroes” ‘ by John Howard

‘Deep Thinking: Arthur Conan Doyle, Dennis Wheatley and the Fiction of Atlantis’ by James Riley

‘ “Change Here for the Dark Age”: Edward Shanks’ The People of the Ruins‘ by Mark Valentine

‘Under Review’ by Reggie Oliver

‘Camera Obscura’ by John Howard


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