While the organization of this website has settled down for the most part, I find I’m still fluctuating on what I want to see as far as specialization. I chose “Categories” to mean what -type- of thing it was: novel, novella, audio, etc. And I use the Tags to highlight what group that thing is in: science fiction vs fantasy, whether it’s in a recent catalog, or by one of our focus authors.

But now that I’ve been handling more entries, I’m drawn to adding more tags. Tagging things like Publisher (in addition to having it in the description).

I feel like I should ask for more input from both folks that use the site and other folks putting together their own lists, on what works the best for them – before making more changes. But hanging out on reddit and checking StackOverflow is not scratching that itch.

Perhaps adding Tartarus as a Tag can be a first step while research continues…



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