For those of you who don’t know, “kaiju” is the generic name for those giant monsters who appear in Japanese movies and usually devastate Tokyo. Preserving them is not something that is often considered.

Our hero, Jamie Gray, is underemployed and definitely unhappy working as a “deliverator” for a food delivery start-up company in New York City at the beginning of the pandemic. But at least he’s making enough money to pay the rent for the tiny apartment he shares with two theater grads. At least until he gets fired. Fortunately, he receives a timely job offer from an “animal rights organization” that needs immediate assistance in the field working with “large animals.” It will come as no surprise that kaiju are involved, nor that those kaiju are about to make trouble.

John Scalzi is an enormously popular science fiction writer, with numerous books and awards over the past decades. His books are full of thankfully-under-explained science, wild adventure, and hilariously snarky characters. Jamie Gray’s new job introduces him to a diverse group of irreverent coworkers, all of whom have sarcastic attitudes and PhDs in respectable sciences. Jamie only has a Masters (in science fiction literature) but The Kaiju Preservation Society will soon allow his massive talent for snark, and for heroics, to reach its full potential.


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