Still Alive! That goes for the store and the people working in it. We’re still healthy and we’re still working to get things out to you.

Since you’re here, you’ve probably noticed the bright green disclaimer banner up above. Because of how our website is set up, it can be difficult for us to keep on top of what¬†we have in stock vs. what we have on the website. And right now, with fewer people keeping fewer hours in the store, it’s more difficult than ever. Add to that shipping delays, more orders than normal coming in…it got a bit messy. And we really hate to get an order and then have to turn around and tell the person eagerly awaiting their book that we don’t have it and probably can’t get it for weeks. So we’re taking drastic measures. It won’t solve everything, but we hope it will help.

We have marked everything on the website posted prior to Jan 1, 2019 “Out of Stock”. Everything posted after that date is still easily available as usual. We hate to do this as it means people will be less likely to order something if they can’t just click a button and send off the order. I want you to know that we will still have much of this in stock, and you can still feel free to drop us a note here or at and we will still be happy to sell you the books once we have made sure they are in stock. And we have so many other titles in stock that have never made it anywhere near the website!

Thank you for all your support during these interesting times. We will keep doing what we can to get you the books you need/want!


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