Wow. I guess this is what they mean by “interesting times”? Just when I thought it couldn’t get interesting-er….

No gloom. We are happy, healthy and open! Greg, Ryan and I (Wendy) intend to keep the store open as long as we can get the books and ship them back out. Crowds certainly aren’t being an issue, and between the trickle of orders coming in and things that are finally getting done around here, we’re keeping occupied. (Did you hear about Ryan finding a case of toilet paper in the basement that Greg had ordered and forgotten two years ago? Seriously. The basement needs work.)

But we miss you, and we worry that you might be running out of books. That’s why I’m putting more books on the website, and why we’ve put together a $10 care package option. If you haven’t seen it already, it’s here.  You can order it here online and we will send a package of lightly-used books anywhere in the US. If you’re local and would rather swing by and pick one up, you can get a slightly larger bag for the same price. We have a few different bags to choose from: science fiction, fantasy, Star Trek, adventure/thriller, western (I did do western, I think…nobody has picked one yet), and random. No kids’ books or young adult, I’m afraid, as we just don’t have enough of them. And “random” might get you a bag full of crazy, but Greg says I can’t go too extreme and have to mix some SF&F in as well.

Don’t forget that most of our stock is not online! If there is something you’d like to order, just give us a call (612-823-6161) or drop us an e-mail ( and we’ll see if we have it or can get it for you. We ship everywhere!


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  1. Got my care package today! I’m so excited. Actually, both my mom’s package and mine got shipped to my house, which is kind of great because now I get to poke through all her books as well!

    Thanks for getting books out to the masses.

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