A Feast of Ambrosia


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A Feast of Ambrosia: The Adventures of Bingor and Donalbain by Glenn Rahman

Trade Paperback – DMR Books – 2023 – 260 pages

Bingor, a sly scoundrel hailing from Sicilia, and Donalbain, a Scottish bard, are not your typical sword-and-sorcery heroes. Thieving is their main trade, but they have no scruples against burglary, bounty-hunting, treasure-seeking, swindling, and selling information. Despite their rascally nature, they prefer to make criminals the primary targets of their larceny, and avoid violence whenever possible—which isn’t often! In these adventures, our carefree rogues encounter deadly threats of both earthly origin and supernatural—including vampires, lycanthropes, and other creatures of the night!


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