And Break the Pretty Kings



And Break the Pretty Kings by Lena Jeong

Hardcover – HarperTeen – Jun 2023 – 440 pages

Mirae was meant to save her queendom.

Heir to her mother’s throne, she has trained since birth to use magic to bring lasting peace to the entire peninsula.

But the ceremony before her coronation ends in terror and death, unlocking a strange new power within her and foreboding the return of a monster even the gods fear. Amid the chaos, Mirae’s beloved older brother is taken — threatening the peninsula’s already tenuous truce.

Desperate to save her brother and defeat this ancient enemy before her queendom, Seolla, is beset by war, Mirae sets out on a journey with an unlikely group of companions, while her unpredictable magic gives her terrifying visions into her own future.

Plagued by untold dangers, Mirae discovers a deep lake of secrets lapping just at the edges of everything she’s been taught. To survive, she must discern who the true enemy is, and how far she’ll go to defeat them…to stop the future only she can see.


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