The Arbitrary Placement of Walls (HC)


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The Arbitrary Placement of Walls by Martha Soukup

Hardcover – DreamHaven Books – 1997 – 206 pages.

Martha Soukup writes tales of lost love, bitter loneliness, and pain. Each one is full of a sexual tension and righteous anger that belies the simplicity of its narrative. Delving into twisted psyches, she reveals a gentle understanding of the ‘alien’ in us all. This collection contains the best of her first decade of writing, with stories that have gained her nominations for four Hugo Awards, the John W. Campbell Award, and five Nebulas, including Nebula winner “A Defense of the Social Contracts.” Introduction by Neil Gaiman.

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Dress Rehearsal, Living in the Jungle. The Big Wish, Having Keith, Over the Long Haul, Dog’s Life, The Arbitrary Placement of Walls, Things Not Seen. The Story So Far, The Spinner, Good Girl, Bad Dog, Absent Friends, A Defense of the Social Contracts, Jones and the Stray, Fetish. Alita in the Air, To Destroy Rats


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