Back There in the Grass


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Back There in the Grass: The Horror Tales of Irvin S. Cobb and Gouverneur Morris edited by S.T. Joshi

Trade Paperback – Hippocampus Press – 2020 – 286 pages

This volume contains the weird stories of two leading American short story writers of the early 20th century, Irvin S. Cobb (1876–1944) and Gouverneur Morris (1876–1953). Both are known for a single weird tale, “Fishhead” and “Back There in the Grass,” respectively; but both produced several additional weird specimens in their variegated short story collections, ranging from grim tales of psychological suspense (“The Gallowsmith”) to tales of Nietzschean supermen (“The Bride’s Dead”). This volume constitutes the first time that their weird work has been collected.

Table of Contents

Introduction, by S. T. Joshi

Irvin S. Cobb
The Belled Buzzard
The Gallowsmith
Snake Doctor
The Second Coming of a First Husband
The Unbroken Chain
Faith, Hope and Charity

Gouverneur Morris
The Crocodile
The Footprint
The Execution
The Bride’s Dead
Back There in the Grass
Derrick’s Return



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