Bare Bones #11



Bare Bones #11

Digest – Cimarron Street Books – Summer 2022 – 107 pages

Inside the eleventh issue of bare•bones, you will find:
  • Tim Lucas on These are the Damned and The Children of Light
  • A look at Lights Out and ‘Way Out on Television by William Schoell
  • Peter Enfantino tackles Two-Fisted Detective Stories
  • Find out What’s on the Tube in November 1978 with John Scoleri
  • The Quiller novels of Adam Hall by Matthew R. Bradley
  • Jack Seabrook unearths the forgotten novels of Douglas Heyes
  • A guide to Premier horror comics by Peter Enfantino
  • S. Craig Zahler reviews a diverse selection of comic collections
  • Sneaking down Sleaze Alley with Peter Enfantino
  • David J. Schow takes us inside Café Frankenstein in his latest R&D!


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