Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #35


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Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #35

Staple-bound – Small Beer Press – Dec 2016 – 52 pages

The most popular zine to be published on this day on this planet in this language. Probably.
Three million years from now a thought form called oufaobf will randomly coalesce into LCRW 35 at the same time as 1.2 million monkeys type it out. Which means there will be 2 copies out there in that there far future galaxy. Will Nicole Kimberling’s recipe blow them away? Fiction by Danielle Mayabb or James Warner? Could be.

LCRW #35: 11 stories, 4 poems, a column. A zine. An occasional outburst.

Deadly serious about great weird literature and democracy.

History is written by the people who write.

These are not usual days.
These are not the usual times.
This is a time of grief.
This is a time of gloominess.
This is a time of anger.
This is a time of  witnessing.
This is a time to stand up and be counted.
We will support the ACLU.
We will fight for equality, inclusiveness, for health care.
We will fight racism, misogyny, hatred, and intolerance.
We will write the history of our times together.

Gavin J. Grant
Kelly Link



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