The Best of Bare Bones


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The Best of Bare Bones edited by Peter Enfantino and John Scoleri

Trade Paperback – Cimarron Street Books – Feb 2020 – 239 pages

Born from the ashes of The Scream Factory, bare•bones (1997-2001) unearthed some of the best vintage and forgotten paperbacks, films, pulp fiction, television, and video. Edited by Peter Enfantino and John Scoleri, bare•bones — the best of — collects many of the best articles from the magazine’s original run, including:

  • Overviews of fiction series including: George Chesbro’s Mongo, Robert Lory’s Dracula, Richard Stark’s Parker, John Sanford’s Prey novels, Karl Edward Wagner’s Kane, and the Black novels of Cornell Woolrich!
  • Retrospectives on filmmakers Edward L. Cahn and Jerry Warren!
  • An overview of the Blind Dead films!
  • Ann-Margret movie tie-ins!
  • Annotated Indexes to Saturn Science Fiction and Web Detective Stories pulps!
  • A detailed overview of the Dark Shadows novels of Dan (Marilyn) Ross!
  • Commentary on Trevanian and Top Ten lists by David J. Schow!
  • A look back at the Trilogy of Terror Zuni!
  • Interviews with Bill Crider, Richard Prather, Robert Serling and Bay Area Creature Features horror host Bob Wilkins!


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