By the Light of My Skull


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By the Light of My Skull by Ramsey Campbell

Trade Paperback – Drugstore Indian Press – Oct 2022 – 302 pages

By the Light of My Skull collects many of Ramsey Campbell’s recent tales of supernatural horror and psychological disintegration, and finds disquiet in the most familiar places.

  • A game of Bingo and its calls conceal a dark secret, and the number-plates of cars convey a monstrous message
  • A headphone commentary guides a visitor to a stately home deep into terror, and the remains of a funfair are unearthed, awakening much worse
  • A fairy tale is retold for our time—both grim and Grimm—and a page from a book turns into a tribute to one of the greatest creators of fantasy
  • A search on a beach brings an uncannily unwelcome helper, and a return to a childhood memory rouses a nightmare
  • The power of the first great horror film refuses to stay on the screen, and even a Beatles tour contains the seeds of madness
  • The classically spectral is roused by brass rubbing, and Halloween is celebrated by an apparition
  • A bird hide conceals an increasingly sinister watcher, and a communication from the dead letter office leads to the restless dead
  • The passwords we all need these days may work on our nerves, but here they’re the source of worse than panic


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