Hwarhath Stories


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Hwarhath Stories by Eleanor Arnason

Tradepaperback – Aquaduct Press – May2016 – 392 pages

Transgressive Tales by Aliens.

Collects a dozen Hwarhath tales with commentary by their translator. As the translator notes, “Humanity has encountered only one other species able to travel among the stars. This species, who call themselves the hwarhath, or ‘people,’ are also the only intelligent species so far encountered. Of course, we interest and puzzle and disturb each other… The stories in this collection were written after the hwarhath learned enough about humanity to realize how similar (and different) we are. Our existence has called into question many ideas about life and morality that most hwarhath would have called certain a century ago…”

Historical Romances

The Hound of Merlin (from Xanadu 1993)

The Lovers (from Asimov’s Science Fiction July 1994)

The Actors (from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction December 1999)

Dapple (from Asimov’s Science Fiction Sept 1999)

Fantastic and Religious Romances

The Small Black Box of Morality (from Tales of the Unanticipated Spring/Summer/Fall 1996)

Origin Story (from Tales of the Unanticipated April 2000)

The Gauze Banner

The Semen Thief (from Amazing Stories Winter 1994)

The Woman Who Fooled Death Five Times (from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction July/August 2004)

Scientific Romances

The Potter of Bones (from Asimov’s Science Fiction Sept 2002)

The Garden (from Synergy SF: New Science Fiction 2004)

A Romance of Investigation

Holmes Sherlock (from Eclipse Online November 12, 2012)


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