California Infernal


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California Infernal: Anton LaVey & Jayne Mansfield as portrayed by Walter Fischer with an introduction by Kenneth Anger

Hardcover – Trapart Books – Sept 2017 – 152 pages

Movie star Jayne Mansfield and notorious Satanist Anton LaVey met in 1966. Both were publicity conscious and made the most of the meetings, which evolved into friendship. Almost always present was German paparazzo Walter Fischer; stationed in Hollywood and catering to image- and scandal hungry photo magazines all over the world.

Fischer’s unique collection of photos takes us straight into the ritual chamber of the Church of Satan in LaVey’s infamous “black house” in San Fransico, as well as into Mansfield’s Hollywood “pink palace”. We also get to follow Lavey on excursions to his friend Forrest “Famous Monsters of Filmland” Ackerman, to Marilyn Monroe’s grave, to TV studios and back to Satanic weddings and baptisms at the Church of Satan HQ.

These were wild and narcissistic times in America. Few understood the power of media exposure better than Jayne Mansfield and Anton LaVey. Captured alone or together by master paparazoo Walter Fischer, this decilishly handsome couple made headlines that still resonate today.

This book also contains an introduction by legendary filmmaker Kenneth Anger, and forewords by writer Carl Abrahamsson and collector Alf Wahlgrn

This second “Mansfield edition” contains eight additional colour pages and ten new photographs.


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