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Whistleblowers: Four Who Fought to Expose the Holocaust to America by Rafael Medoff, Illustrated by Dean Motter

Paperback – Dark Horse – February 2024 – 120 pages

A compelling nonfiction graphic novel, Whistleblowers is the true story of four courageous individuals who risked their careers–or their lives–to confront the unfolding Holocaust.

Who were the whistleblowers?

  • Alan Cranston–a young journalist and future U.S. senator who exposed the truth of Hitler’s plans.
  • Henry Morgenthau, Jr.–a member of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s cabinet who confronted the President over the plight of Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler
  • Jan Karski–an eyewitness to Nazi atrocities who met with American and British officials to alert them about the death camps.
  • Josiah E. DuBois Jr.–an American civil servant who blew the whistle on colleagues inside the Roosevelt administration who were blocking the rescue of refugees.

Acclaimed author Dr. Rafael Medoff, director of the David Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, and award-winning comics creator Dean Motter bring to life these tales of moral courage in the face of genocide.


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