The Clockworm, and Other Strange Stories


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The Clockworm, and Other Strange Stories by Karen Heuler

Hardcover – Tartarus Press – Dec 2018 – 252 pages

You find you’re just one of many copies being generated by a 3-D printer, or hear that the earth is the subject of a rather cheerful invasion. Whatever the trouble, you still have to find your way . . .

Playful, sober, profound and profane, the characters in Karen Heuler’s stories may build bridges that no one else wants, or join up with a vengeful doll to fight the evil that men do, or remark upon the incursions of a worm that can change time. No matter what impossible event transpires, they face it. Rise up, they seem to say; rise up and meet the unexpected and the unacceptable, and make them yours.

Contains: ‘Here and There’, ‘Egg Island’, ‘The Stray Curse’, ‘Footsteps’, ‘Alien Corn’, ‘I Am’, ‘The Missy Show’, ‘Give Me Strength’, ‘The Lovely Kisselthwist’, ‘Figaro, Figueroa’, ‘The Completely Rechargeable Man’, ‘The Clockworm’, ‘The Right Chemistry’, ‘The Reordering of Tonia Vivian’, ‘Searching for Penny’, ‘Exile’, ‘The People in the Mirror’, ‘Calling Out’, ‘A Thing of Beauty and Light’.

Cover illustration ‘Twisted Twelve’ by Eric Freitas.


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