Cryptozoology Anthology: Strange and Mysterious Creatures in Men’s Adventure Magazines edited by Robert Deis, David Coleman, & Wyatt Doyle

Trade Paperback – New Texture – 2015 – 281 pages

For three decades, when American men had questions about the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and other weird beasts from the strange world of cryptozoology, they found answers in the hard-hitting pages of men’s adventure magazines.

Now, collected here for the first time ever, are samples of sensational period reporting and wild, “true” accounts of savage, fist-to-claw duels between man and Sasquatch, man and fishman, man and monster! Plus full-color vintage pulp artwork that accompanied the stories’ original publication, rare archival discoveries, men’s pulp history, expert analysis, cryptid-by-cryptid commentart, and much, much more.

Cryptozoology Anthology is packed with 13 biting tales of creatures notorious and obscure. Don’t leave civilization without it.


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