Digger Unearthed



Digger Unearthed: The Complete Tenth Anniversary Collection by Ursula Vernon with a foreward by Patrick Rothfuss

Hardcover – Underthing Press – Dec 2022 – 790 pages

Digger Unearthed is the story of a shrewd, sensible wombat engineer named Digger-of-unnecessarily-convoluted-tunnels, who finds herself stranded in a fantasy world that is far from logical. Thrust into the middle of a puzzling and often perilous situation involving gods, demons, destiny, and redemption, she finds her way based on a pragmatic honesty and the sincere belief in doing the right thing.

This tale manages to be both serious and light-hearted: it explores complex themes of honor, responsibility, and the gray areas between right and wrong, but it does so with a frequent application of humor, wit, and absurdity that makes the journey fun.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Digger Unearthed offers the complete webcomic collection in a single volume that can be fully enjoyed by young adult readers, yet also contains layers of sophistication that become deeper and more meaningful with age and experience.


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