The Ghost of a Model T


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The Ghost of a Model T by Clifford D. Simak

Tradepaperback – Open Road Media – Aug2016 – 318 pages

Hank is walking home from the bar when the Model T pulls alongside him. It’s been decades since he saw a car this old, and the sound of it takes him right back to his twenties. The door is open, and when he climbs in, the car takes off—without a driver. Before he knows what’s happened, Hank is right back at Big Spring Pavilion, where he spent his youth drinking bootleg whiskey and chasing pretty girls. He will find the past is not quite as he remembered it, but still a lovely place to go for a drive.

Leg. Forst. – Infinity Science Fiction, April 1958

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The Ghost of a Model T – Epoch, 1975


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