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Ghosts by R.B. Russell

Trade Paperback – Swan River Press – Sep 2021 – 188 pages

Ghosts contains R. B. Russell’s debut publications, Putting the Pieces in Place and Bloody Baudelaire. Enigmatic and enticing, they combine a respect for the great tradition of supernatural fiction, with a chilling contemporary European resonance. With original and compelling narratives, Russell’s stories offer the reader insights into the more hidden, often puzzling, impulses of human nature, with all its uncertainty and intrigue. There are few conventional shocks or horrors on display, but you are likely to come away with the feeling that there has been a subtle and unsettling shift in your understanding of the way things are. This book is a disquieting journey through twilight regions of love, loss, memory and ghosts. This volume contains “In Hiding”, which was shortlisted for the 2010 World Fantasy Awards. “Bloody Baudelaire” is soon to be filmed by 3:1 Cinema.

Introduction by Mark Valentine
Putting the Pieces in Place
There’s Nothing That I wouldn’t Do
In Hiding
Bloody Baudelaire


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