The House That Fear Built


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The House That Fear Built by John Sladek & Thomas M. Disch, writing as Cassandra Knye

Paperback – Paperback Library – 1966

“From the beginning, Nan Richmond dreaded visiting the forbidding Gothic castle in Mexico. But Hans Krale insisted that she meet his aristocratic German family before they married.

Once at Ixta Parque, Nan realized her problem was more than acceptance — it was survival! For someone in the vast, ominous mansion was determined that she leave — dead or alive! After the first of the grisly attacks on her life, Nan knew she had become the helpless pawn in a murderous international conspiracy hidden in the shadows of the great house.

Who was behind it all? Nan found herself helpless and alone in her nightmare world, for even her beloved Hans refused to believe she was in danger. Suddenly she panicked. Was he, too, part of the mysterious terror of The House That Fear Built?”

VG+; name on the first page, slight spine lean.


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