Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #32


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Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #32

Staple-bound – Small Beer Press – May 2015 – 56 pages


Stories of beasties and strange places, long, long journeys, and questions, so many questions. Also: Nicole Kimberling’s lovely food column looks at white asparagus and we kick off the issue with A. B. Robinson’s amazing “Sonnet Crown for Third Officer Ripley.” See below for excerpts.

Table of Contents


Henry Wessells, “The Beast Unknown to Heraldry”
Alyc Helms, “The Blood Carousel”
Kodiak Julian, “Marrying the Sea”
Joe M. McDermott, “Everything is Haunted”
Henry Lien, “The Shadow You Cast Is Me”
Joanna Ruocco, “Auburn”
Dylan Horrocks, “The Square of Mirrors”
Jade Sylvan, “Sun Circles”


Nicole Kimberling, “Sleek Fat Albinos in Spring”
About the Authors


A. B. Robinson, “Sonnet Crown for Third Officer Ripley”
Gillian Daniels, “The Virgin Regiment”


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