Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #39




Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #39 

Magazine – Small Beer Press – 60 pages

Fiction, poetry, a little nonfiction (including a lovely recipe for pickled kumquats), and an absurd amount of hope and despair.

This is the issue in which we promised your neighbor’s secrets would be exposed. Your secrets too. The secrets, they have been exposed. Check CNN or your news purveyor of choice right now. Or look under that thing at the back of your fridge. The list of neighborhood secrets should be there on a very small piece of paper we are proud to have folded 12 times. Some people find the 9th through 12th folds difficult, but these wristlets, they really make the difference.

Table of Contents


Rosamund Lannin, The Lake House
Eliza Langhans, A Giant’s Heart
D. A. Xiaolin Spires, Fresh and Imminent Taste of Cucumbers
Anthony Ha, Late Train
Chloe N. Clark, Jumpers
Felix Kent, Dynastic Arrangements of the Habsburgs, Washakie Branch 38
Eric Darby, The Parking Witch
Jordan Taylor, Strange Engines
Audrey R. Hollis, How to be Afraid


Nicole Kimberling, Sugar-Salt Time: A Love Story
Gavin J. Grant Possum, Not Playing


A. B. Robinson, The Will and Testament of François Villon
Robert Cooperman As They Row to the Killing Ground, Plaxis Considers His Partner, Meres


Cynthia Yuen Cheng, “Gentrification”


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