Little Shoppe of Horrors #46



Little Shoppe of Horrors #46

Magazine – The Elmer Valo Appreciation Society – May 2021 – 100 pages

    In 1957, following up on their mammoth world-wide success with the release of The Curse of Frankenstein, Hammer Films produced what many fans consider one of the finest horror movies ever made — and, perhaps, the greatest of the Dracula films. Horror of Dracula (UK-Dracula) vaulted Chrisopher Lee’s Dracula to iconic status. And cemented Perter Cushing’s standing as the greatest of the new horror movie stars. Read the inside story of how it all came about. The production. The performers. From Rondo Award winning author, Bruce G. Hallenbeck.

Featuring –


The Making of HORROR OF DRACULA (UK-DRACULA) by Bruce G. Hallenbeck.

‘Colin Cowie on DRACULA’ – The Man Who Watched Dracula More Than a Thousand Times’

As told to his missus Susan Cowie.


Tribute to Barbara Shelley by Stephen Laws

‘It all happened long ago, before I was born. Like a dream of the past that’s somehow part of the future.’ VENGEANCE OF SHE

By Gary Smith

British Character Actors 9 — Jenny Runacre (The Final Programme, The Creeping Flesh, etc.)

Interview by John Stoker

Hammer’s Old Guard — Alan McDonald (clapper/loader)

Interviewed by Wayne Kinsey

The Making of THE MEN WHO MADE HAMMER series and Hammer Horror at Scream Factory

By Constantine Nasr.

‘Confessions of a Frazled Film Programmer in Covid-complicated Times (w/Hammer prints in tow!)

By Andy MacDougall

Hammer House of Horror: Blu-ray release – Australia.

With comments by Kim Newman and Jonathan Rigby

Plus… “Fools Rush In…” Editorial * Letters to LSoH * Ralph’s One-and-Only Travelling Reviews Company * Hammer News * The Keith Dudley Report.

Front Cover by Mark Maddox
Back Cover by Neil D. Vokes
Inside Front Covers by Bruce Timm
Inside Back Cover by Mike Schneider

4-Page full color art insert
-Ron Lizorty — Steve Karchin — Bob Lizarraga — Paul Watts

Lots of Original Artwork and Rare Photos!


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