Little Shoppe of Horrors #47


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Little Shoppe of Horrors #47

Magazine – Elmer Valo Appreciation Society – Oct 2021 – 98 pages

By the end of 1963, the golden-era of Hammer Films was coming to an end. 1964 would mark the end of long time distribution contracts with Universal and Columbia Pictures. THE GORGON would represent the last film to feature Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing and to be directed by Terence Fisher. At its conclusion, the backlot at Bray Studios would be plowed under, taking out sets going back to 1957. It was an end to an era — and Hammer went out on top with the stylish atmospheric THE GORGON.


* Reflections of Fear
The Making of THE GORGON
by Joshua Kennedy

* Cut Me A Robe From Toe to Lobe…Give Me A Skin For Dancing In
The Making of THE WITCHES
by Bruce G. Hallenbeck

* Joan Fontaine: Dreams of Manderley. From Hitchcock To Hammer’
by Rod Labbe

* Ingrid Brett  
Interview by Michael Reed

* Dracula and the Modern Age
Don Houghton and His Screenwriting of the
Modern Day Hammer Dracula Films
By David Gee

* Hello Dolly! The star of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls on The Kiss of the Vampire, Russ Meyer, Playboy and Hollywood
Interview by Bruce G. Hallenbeck

* Christopher Wicking Hammer Diaries Part 4 – 1976
Edited By Mitchel Wicking


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