Musings and Meditations


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Musings and Meditations: Reflections on Science Fiction, Science, and Other Matters by Robert Silverberg

Trade Paperback – Nonstop Press – 2011 – 344 pages

Presenting essays from one of contemporary science fiction’s most acclaimed and imaginative wordsmiths, this collection shows that Robert Silverberg’s nonfiction is as witty and original as his fiction and full of acute observations and matter-of-fact insights. Whether he is discussing science fiction, history, cultural effects, science, or the nuts and bolts of writing, Silverberg is always exploring new territories. As in his fiction, no cultural icon escapes his scrutiny, including fellow writers such as Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, H. P. Lovecraft, and Isaac Asimov. Herein you will find delightfully wicked commentaries on the concepts of thought-crimes, space exploration, the ancient Antikythera Computer, and the universal translator in science fiction.



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