Necromancy in Nilztiria


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Necromancy in Nilztria by D. M. Ritzlin

Trade Paperback – DMR Books – 2022 – 210 pages

The world of Nilztiria is an ancient one. Beneath its brilliant crimson sun and demon-haunted moons wondrous treasures lay buried, waiting to be uncovered by intrepid adventurers. Yet peril abounds as well, in the form of nefarious sorcerers, grotesque beasts, and inexplicable phenomena. Among the bold heroes and callous villains of Nilztiria are:

XEDROCH LOOR—A lusty rapscallion, his striving for glittering treasures and the embraces of lovely ladies invariably leads him into danger.

AVOK KUR STORN—A strong-willed, quick-witted barbarian who fears neither man nor demon. He laughs in the face of death!

KRYNMORA—This cruel yet beautiful sorceress thinks nothing of sacrificing human life to appease her demonic patron. She has an affinity for unnatural beasts, including her lover who was once a man!

VRAN THE CHAOS-WARPED—By his sickly green eyes he bears the mark of a sorcerous experiment gone awry, but he was also altered in more dreadful ways…

XAARXOOL THE NECROMANCER—Possessor of powerful artefacts and reams of forgotten lore, his expertise in wizardry is unmatched.

If you crave stories of adventure and wonder with a touch of gallows humor, look no further than these thirteen tales of Nilztiria!

Stories included:

  • “A Twisted Branch of Yggdrasil”
  • “The Lair of the Brain Eaters”
  • “Born to Storm the Citadel of Mettathok”
  • “Hunting the Lirpkinn”
  • “The Infernal Bargain”
  • “Spider-Magic in the Jungles of Jamboota”
  • “Undying Thirst for Vengeance”
  • “Slave Girls for Sacrifice”
  • “Consequences of Lust”
  • “The Valley of Eternal Midnight”
  • “Black Castle of Torture
  • “Under the Horns of Iljer”
  • “The Isle of the Pleasure Slaves”


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