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Spicy Zeppelin Stories by Will Murray

Trade Paperback – Odyssey Publications – 2023 – 232 pages

For decades, this legendary pulp magazine was believed to be a myth.

But it was not. Not exactly. Nor was it real.

Back in the 1970’s, prolific pulp writer Will Murray – who was not yet prolific – undertook the daunting task of writing the entire first issue of this nebulous non-entity of a magazine.

Within these pages you will discover the exciting contents of Spicy Zeppelin Stories, Volume 1, Number 1, October, 1936, just as they would have appeared – if only this magazine ever existed….

Seven slightly salacious stories set during the 1930s, one for each of the dominant pulp genres. Yes, here are thrilling adventure, air-war, mystery, G-Man, Weird Menace, space opera, and even a wild Western yarn. Every one written around an airship of some type. Each penned under spurious pseudonyms. All guaranteed to evoke the grand and glorious era of the Bloody Pulps.

Nothing like this collection has ever been written before. Nor will it ever again….


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