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The Saga of Swain the Viking, Volume 3: Swain Kingsbane by Arthur D. Howden Smith with and introduction by Doug Ellis

Trade Paperback – DMR Books – 2023 – 322 pages

“Three kings make for weakness in the land; the folk fall apart; there is endless bickering. Two kings would be forever wrangling amongst themselves. One king—ah, with one king we shall see the old days return when Harald Haardrada made Norway feared by all!”

In Norway trouble breeds apace. Three kings divide the land, three brothers who are in no wise brotherly. It is Swain’s goal to end the turmoil and unite Norway under King Ingi, whose brothers King Sigurd and King Eystein continually intrigue against him. Furthermore, Swain’s arch enemy Olvir Rosta, a man completely devoid of honor, has thrown his lot in with King Sigurd. Before one man alone can wear the crown, blood will be spilled, battles will be fought on land and at sea, and Swain will earn the name Kingsbane.

In addition to the title novella, Swain Kingsbane includes the stories “Swain’s Outlawing” and “Swain’s Inlawing,” plus the novel Swain’s Folly.


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