Tales From the Perilous Realm


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Tales From the Perilous Realm by J.R.R. Tolkien

Trade Paperback – Mariner – May 2021 – 403 pages

Roverandom is the story of a toy dog who becomes enchanted by a sand sorcerer. He gets to explore the world and encounter strange and fabulous creatures.

Farmer Giles of Ham is the tale of a fat, unheroic farmer who, having unwittingly managed to scare off a short-sighted giant, is called upon to do battle when the dragon Chrysophylax comes to town.

The Adventures of Tom Bombadil tells, in verse, of Tom’s many adventures with hobbits, princesses, dwarves and trolls.

Smith of Wootton Major takes us on a journey to the Land of Faery, thanks to the magical ingredients of the Great Cake of the Feast of Good Children.

Leaf by Niggle recounts the strange adventures of the painter Niggle, who sets out to paint the perfect tree.


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