The Book of Athyra


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The Book of Athyra by Steven Brust

Trade Paperback – Ace – Feb 2003 – 436 pages

The Book of Athyra features books six and seven in the Vlad Taltos series—Athyra and Orca.

Vlad Taltos is a sorcerer and assassin without peer—as deadly at spell casting as he is with sword wielding. Accompanying him on his journeys are two leathery-winged jhereg who share a telepathic link with Vlad—and triple his chances against even the most powerful of enemies…

In Athyra, Vlad finds he’s ready to retire himself and his jhereg companions, but the biggest hitters of the House of the Jhereg have something else in mind. In Orca, Vlad must repay a debt to a boy who saved his life—even if it means breaking a financial scandal big enough to bring down the House of the Orca, and possibly the entire Empire…


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