The Flapper Queens


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The Flapper Queens: Women Cartoonists of the Jazz Age by Trina Robbins

Hardcover – Fantagraphics – Aug 2020 – 157 pages

In the 1920s, the figure of The Flapper, with her bobbed hair and angular elbows and knees, seemed to exist in a perpetual, euphoric state of Charleston. Eisner Award-winning herstorian Trina Robbins curates this collection of comic strips by “The Flapper Queens,” woman cartoonists who graced magazines and newspapers with images of this thoroughly modern Millie enjoying her newfound feminist freedom.

While The Flapper Queens includes strips by celebrated legends of the era, like Nell Brinkley, this book also introduces readers to a royal court of cartoonists. Eleanor Schorer’s art deco illustrations were bold and outrageous. Edith Stevens chronicled the fashion trends, hairstyles, and social mores of the ’20s and ’30s. And there’s possibly the flappiest of the Flapper Queens, Virginia Huget—one of the artists (and rumored co-ghostwriter) of the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes comic strip!


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