The Paper Museum



The Paper Museum by Kate S. Simpson

Trade Paperback – Union Square Kids – Aug 2023 – 250 pages

Everything has changed since the last day Lydia saw her parents. Technology is on the fritz, the town’s transport cubes are unreliable, and the mayor is waging a campaign against the Paper Museum, where Lydia is living with her Uncle Leo, the curator.

It’s a future where magic is forbidden and paper has been obsolete for hundreds of years. But Lydia knows the Paper Museum is someplace special. Her family has run the museum for generations—the only place where paper and books are reverently preserved. When Lydia discovers the museum is also hiding a secret, her search for clues to her parents’ disappearance leads Lydia to uncover mysterious symbols, hidden rooms, and magical elixirs…and triggers a countdown.

Thirty days. That’s all Lydia has to find her parents, or her family risks losing the Paper Museum. And it’s not only her parents who will be lost forever. The secrets of the museum will disappear too. Can Lydia find the answers in time?


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