The Wild Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volume Three



The Wild Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volume Three by Will Murray

Hardcover – Odyssey Publications – 2023 – 290 pages

London’s greatest consulting detective faces a new set of challenges that test his mettle as never before!

A clever human chameleon known as Giles Greengold emerges from the political underbelly of Britain’s shadowy halls of power to confront Sherlock Holmes in a series of rapier engagements, each duel of which is more thrilling than the one before.

Then, when he discovers a man who is clearly not from this world, Holmes faces the astounding possibility that the Martians who had failed in their previous invasion of England, have returned to renew their thwarted plans for conquest.

During World War I, Sherlock Holmes comes out of retirement for a secret mission to America, where enlists the greatest safecracker who ever lived, Jimmie Dale, alias the Grey Seal, in a risky plan to subvert Germany’s war effort.

Finally, near the end of his life, Dr. Watson introduces Sherlock Holmes to the one man who may be able to prolong it. Dr. Herbert West-Reanimator!



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