The Wild Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volume Two (SIGNED)



The Wild Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volume Two (SIGNED) by Will Murray

Trade Paperback – Odyssey Publications – 2023 – 267 pages

Sherlock Holmes confronts the unknown in ten baffling tales that challenge his formidable mental powers, as well as his unshakable conviction that the world is a sane and rational place.

From the baffling enigma of spontaneous human combustion to the possibility that coins minted during the era of supposedly mythical Atlantis survived into Victorian times, London’s premier consulting detective is tested and tried as never before, as his investigations cross the path of Algernon Blackwood‘s famed psychic physician, Dr. John Silence.

Will Holmes’s firm belief in an exclusively scientific reality hold––or must he at last give ground to the detested possibility that supernatural forces operate at will, unseen and only suspected?


  • Introduction 
  • The Singular Problem of the Extinguished Wicks
  • The Mystery of the Spectral Shelter
  • The Problem of the Surrey Samson
  • The Uncanny Adventure of the Hammersmith Wonder
  • The Repulsive Matter of the Bloodless Banker
  • The Adventure of the Abominable Adder
  • The Adventure of the Sorrowing Mudlark
  • The Adventure of the Emerald Urchin
  • The Adventure of the Expelled Master
  • The Conundrum of the Questionable Coins


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