What Child is This?



What Child is This?: A Sherlock Holmes Christmas Adventure by Bonnie MacBird with illustrations by Frank Cho

Hardcover – Collins – Nov 2022 – 228 pages

London, 1890. A snowy December.

It’s Christmans, and games are afoot. Sherlock Holmes is attempting to hide from the relentless holiday cheer, until Watson pulls him outside for a walk. In a packed Oxford Street, a man suddenly plunges through the crowd and knocks a young woman to the ground, wresting the small boy from her arms. Holmes and Watson leap to their rescue and the assailant escapes empty handed. But who would try to kidnap a child in this manner? And more importantly–will he strike again?

Thus begins the first of two unseasonably dangerous cases which take Holmes and Watson from the depths of London’s prisons and workhouses to a fashionable Belgravia, and ultimately to the pinnacle of a glittering Christmas Eve party in Mayfair.

Dogged by threats from unexpected quarters, and aided by the colorful Heffie O’Malley, Holmes must bring to the game his celebrated scientific method, and the bravery for which he and Watson are renowned. But the final resolution will demand something more from the Great Detective–something Watson has never before observed in his friend.


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