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Wild Town by Jim Thompson

Paperback – Mulholland Books – Aug 2014 – 256 pages

Hot-tempered, slow-witted, and in trouble more often than not, David “Bug” McKenna can’t seem to help doing the right thing at the wrong time–or the wrong thing at any time.

But one Bugs drifts into Ragtown, Texas, things start to look up. He gets work as a house detective at the Hanlon Hotel, and for once in his life he’s the straightest arrow in the joint. And to whom should Bugs owe all this good luck but Deputy Sherrif Lou Ford, a man who is much more manipulative, and sinister, than he first appears.

In Wild Town, Jim Thompsan returns to the characters from The Killer Inside Me, the exuberantly praised novel that made his reputation, and skillfully converys how quickly a man’s life can take a turn for the worse.


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