A Little Orange Book of Voodoo Tales


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A Little Orange Book of Voodoo Tales by Henry S. Whitehead

Hardcover – Borderlands Press – November 2023 – 126 pages

The 12th Book in Past Masters of Horror Series (IV)

From 1924 to 1932 more than 20 of Henry S. Whitehead’s short stories were first published in the pulp horror magazine Weird Tales, and several others appeared in The Black Mask and Strange Tales. By far, most of his stories are set in the West Indies and illuminate the dark, menacing powers that prevail in the realm of black magic and voodoo. Altogether, his collected stories amount to some 700 pages and constitute a true landmark in the history of horror literature, introducing to the Anglo-American world a whole new culture with its own rich veins of fear and devotion, terror and the precariousness of life. Whitehead’s stories are as vibrant and enthralling today as they were a hundred years ago.


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