Sparks From the Fire


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Sparks From the Fire by Rosalie Parker

Hardcover – Swan River Press – June 2018 – 200 pages

The stories in Sparks from the Fire explore a wide variety of familiar characters and settings, yet there is always something else — a shadow world that haunts, disturbs, and threatens. Sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, recluses and lovers — all find themselves shifting between realities: the prosaic and the mystical, even between life and death. The horrors and wonders of these parallel existences are often glimpsed, sometimes revealed, and occasionally overwhelm. These nineteen tales inhabit a terrain in which the uncanny may at any time intrude into everyday life.

“The Bronze Statuette”
“The Fell Race”
“View from a Window”
“Holiday Reading”
“Sparks from the Fire”
“The Birdcage”
“Tour Guide”
“Wing Man”
“Writers’ Retreat”
“House Party”
“Job Start”
“Voluntary Work”
“War Games”
“The Attempt”
“Breath of Life”


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