Zombie Jam


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Zombie Jam by David J. Schow

Trade Paperback – Cimarron Street Books

Cimarron Street Books is pleased to exhume David J. Schow‘s collection ZOMBIE JAM in an all-new expanded edition, with even more illustrations by the best damned zombie artist around, the justly famous Bernie Wrightson!

Zombie fiction is . . . well, dead.

Want to know what it was like when it still had a heartbeat?

Voila ― ZOMBIE JAM has finally crawled from its mouldering grave and landed right in your eager hands. Collected here are David J. Schow’s groundbreaking (heh), genre-bending short stories of the Zombie Apocalypse, before, during, and after. Included is “Jerry’s Kids Meet Wormboy,” probably the single greatest zombie story of all time ― and we dug up its original, longer, unexpurgated form.

Labels signed by Schow laid in.


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